Taste the World

What a great night of food and friends! Southwest and Melcher Hall teamed up for our FNC and made 12 different dishes, drinks, etc. for residents to taste! Several of Southwest halls residents are foreign exchange students, and we got information from them on what to make. We al got to know them very well through this event. I learned new things about France and the Netherlands. I was cooking based on Europe. So we made Dutch Bitterballen, and Swedish Dream Cookies! We ended up serving all of it! Wow! Such a fun night. Thanks to everyone who came!



Earth day is coming up! Try to be aware of how much electricity you use. Also realize how good plants are for our environment. Plants clean the air around us, so try keeping one alive in your room!

Learning Styles

Have you ever noticed that when you have 4 different professors and that they have different teaching styles? Some teachers give you a lot of hands on activities, where others might assign readings. We all learn differently and have different techniques of processing the information we have been given.

Autism Awareness

With it being the month of April, autism Awareness is this month. I put up a board with different facts and information on autism. Check out the board and educate yourself about the autism spectrum.

Bucket List

Do you have a list of things you have always wanted to do? Well I know I have plenty of things I want to do in my lifetime. I have made a bucket for all of you to share something on your bucket list!