Snowflakes are pretty cool! Get the pun! There is quite a bit of information that I didn’t know about snowflakes. Check out the facts on the wall with the snowflakes and learn something new.


Paint Night Part 2

Thanks to all my residents for coming down for another painting night with Bob Ross. This time my Professor came and helped to give different tips on mixing colors and using the pallet knife. It was just as fun as the last time we got together. This will definitely be and event that comes back next semester.

Homemade bread

Do you like bread? I sure do! Professor Yari was in the MPR tonight showing us how to make bread. We made about 4 different loaves that were all a little different. Some sweeter than others, and some more done than others. With a very simple recipe and no measuring cups we made some delicious bread!


Hey guys! This door dec was made because of the voting competition! I wanted to make sure that everyone got a little bit of what they wanted. Keep a look out for the last animal door dec that was a part of the poll as well. Hope you guys like it.

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