Dino Night

After our end of the year closing meeting, second floor hosted Dino Night. We watched Jurassic Park and ate Dino Nuggets and reminisced over a quality movie. Orrin stopped by for a bit for the nostalgia. I fell asleep toward the end, and Taylor and his roommate Alec tried their best to wake me up. Didn’t work out the greatest, but I woke up before our 10pm rounds. Good night, and a fun way to hang out before the school year ends.

Taste of the World

We held another all hall program that included every RA’s input. Gathering over sixty residents, the hall hosted a sort of potluck with foods from every continent (minus Antarctica). Second floor had North America, with cheeseburgers and guacamole. We wanted to also include Canada, so our spiel was, “Thank you for coming, sorry we aren’t as good as the other floors.” It was awesome, and we had so many residents trying foods they wouldn’t ordinarily ever get their hands on.


Thanks everyone for an awesome night.

Aluminum Can Drive

Residents of 2nd floor are collecting their aluminum cans and recycling them in the elevator bay. At the end of the year Taylor and I will travel to Platteville Middle School and donate them to their can drive. The school resells the cans and uses the funds to rebuild their playground, fund programs and plays, and other activities that occur in the middle school. Not only are we stressing the importance of recycling, but we are also giving back to the community.

Star Gazing at the M

Last night was great. Thanks everyone for coming out to make the Lyrid Meteor Shower such a fun event. Residents of Southwest carpooled to the M to hang out and star gaze at the top. We found Jupiter, the Big Dipper and the Lyra constellation where the meteors were coming from. Too bad the northern lights werent visible for us. I learned a thing or two about the orbiting satellites and residents learned about a few constellations with Angela’s cool astronomy app on her phone. 

MS Walk

Thanks everyone for coning out to the MS Walk yesterday morning! 

It was truly encouraging to see people coming together to walk, support, and donate to finding a cure. I love how this event was not just for residents, but encouraging members of the community to gather together too.

Sex Killed the Dinosaurs Bulletin 

It’s about time for a fresh change in our wing. Just added another bulletin before break. Some facts about condoms from Planned Parenthoods website and a funny attention getter to get my residents interested in reading the board. I also provided condoms in the orange envelope in case residents needed some so they can avoid results like the dinos. 
Shout out to Angela for helping start my board! Awesome kid.