March Madness! 🏀

Selection Sunday was yesterday! Have you filled out your bracket yet for March Madness? It’s that time of year. I will keep this bracket updated throughout the month so you can keep tabs on how the games are going. I keep learning more and more about this event. Thanks to everyone who is teaching me how it works! Good luck to everyone!


Is winter gone yet?

I think we are all ready for some warm weather. I don’t mind the snow, but I think we were all getting used to that 50 degree weather last week. I gave you all polar bears with some interesting facts on them.

Getting Sick?

Well if you have seen me this week, you know I am sick! So I thought I would make his informational board so you can check your symptoms. There is a lot of different viruses out there right now. So make sure you are washing your hands and keeping your hands away from your face!

Woman Crush Wednesday

Paying respect to the women in our history that did some pretty cool things, I will post a new woman each Wednesday. These women are all significant people in our history, as well as many others. Please take the time to read what these women are all about!

One fine artventure

The talented art professors of UWP showcased their pieces in Nohr Gallery tonight. It was incredible to see such craftsmanship and imagination on display! Shout out to all the professors and their hard work, and thank you to everyone who came out to attend the show.

Feeling down?

Have you ever tried eating differently so you could change the way you feel? Well this board provides you with several different foods that are GREAT for your brain! I wish my parents would have made me like beets, but I still think they are pretty gross! p