Wafflympics was a huge success last night! Thank to everyone who came down. We watched a few different sports last night. Speed skating, figure skating, and a few recaps of other sporting results. Thanks for being patient with the waffle maker, it was going a little slow. We had several conversations going about how much money an Olympian made. Also a few questions about why they put 4 years of training in for an hour or two of fame.


Chinese Food!

Hey everyone! Our 6 Chinese scholars cooked a few traditional Chinese dishes for us last night. One of the big hits was the dumplings. They were fun to roll out and fill with meat. There were also chicken wings, eggs and tomatoes, and a sausage and vegetable dish! Thanks to all the scholars for coming out to cook for us. And I hope that everyone enjoyed the food!

Underground Railroad

I hope you all enjoy my bulletin board. I learned a lot when I was getting the information for it. These people had a really tough time in their life. It was very unfair and cruel. Read up on some of the people that created and aided with the Underground Railroad.

RA Fridge

This is a new thing this semester. I want to recognize all of you for all the awesome things that you do! I want to show you how happy I am for you and so I will be posting different achievements that happen throughout the semester. So keep me updated on your good grades or bug life events!!!!