Spring Cleaning!

It’s time to get your rooms cleaned up before you go home. Check out these tips from Mike, our friendly custodian! Please make sure everything is clean before you check out!


Moving Out

Moving out can be stressful, but please be sure to sign up for a checkout during finals week! The halls close on Friday May 18th at 5:00. There is some important information on this board to help you remember what to do in order to check out! Don’t expect to be checked it if your room is not clean. Remember if you have any questions I am available by email!


As we wind down the semester, emotions can be high. Check out a few tips and tricks on why we have these emotions, and how to regulate them. I know some of these have helped me!

Alcohol Awareness

Ever wonder what effect drinking alcohol has on your body. There are a ton! Keep in mind to be responsible when drinking, and learn to know when enough is enough. Too much alcohol can cause several problems. This board will show you what it can do.

Bob Ross Pt. 3

Another night of fun!!! Bob Ross out did us again with his artistic abilities! Everyone who came did a great job with there paintings. I am already planning on making this an event for next year! Great friends and great fun before finals. Thanks to all the residents who came down!!

Up, up, and away!!

A few of us got the chance to hike yesterday at Devils Lake State Park!! What a beautiful day out! Perfect day to get out in the trail, get some exercise and get to know one another! I think I speak for everyone saying we had a good time! I also know that some of us are feeling the climb from yesterday! Hiking is a great way to burn calories, and burn them fast. Thanks for everyone who came, and for driving for us! Can’t wait to do it again.