A Night with Bob!

Let me start by saying, what a fun night! Several residents came down for our event where we painted a picture while following along with Bob Ross! We had so many laughs and everyone seemed to have some great painting skills! We will be hanging some of the paintings in the hallway to show off their talents. Thanks to everyone who came down and keep a look out for another event like this!


Change your language….

These are just a few commonly used words that can be taken the wrong way. Offensive words like this may not seem harmful but to a certain person may honk otherwise. There are so many other words to use instead, so grab a dictionary and change your vocabulary!!!

Cake Walk

Thanks to everyone who came down to support Southwest Halls Annual Cake Walk!!! We had over 90 people come and over 70 different desserts that were given away! It was such a fun time seeing everyone get along and dance, jump, and walk around the circle! Residents and staff from all across campus cane to join in on the fun!!!

20 Days of Giving

Tomorrow starts the 20 days of giving bulletin board that I put up. Each day a number will be flipped over and it will show something nice that you can do for someone else. On the other side of the bulletin board, there are turkeys and a question asking “What are you thankful for?”. Anyone can write in the turkeys, what they are thankful for this year!! Happy Fall!! 🍁🍁🍁

Bake Night

I know a few of you wanted to come to bake night, but had something else to do. Thanks to Katie for showing up at the end and helping with cleanup! I made an Apple Dump Cake, Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cake, and puppy chow!! Lots of good treats for Cake Walk on Wednesday November 1st! Hope to see you all there!

Happy Fall!

Hope everyone had a safe Halloween Weekend. I had the chance to put some new door decs up for us to get into the fall season. It seems like we skipped fall this year and went straight to winter. Hope you have you winter coats!! Enjoy the fun new door decs!